“I feel blessed to have the healing gifts of Pam Sussman in my life…Being in the personal development industry I strive to heal, grow and learn on a daily basis. It is often hard, if not impossible to work on some of those deeper issues about which I have a limited conscious knowledge. When I have sessions with Pam, I can just let go of the struggle and give over to her expertise. I then walk away feeling more centred, more aware, and more joyful than before. I marvel at Pam’s intuition, her empathy and her ability to tread me like the only other person on the planet at that time. I feel she is a truly gifted healer and am very grateful to have her in my life.Pam’s motto “Inspiring Passionate Living” is spot on! I have recommended many of my clients and other in my network to Pam’s practice and they have also become raving fans. If you are looking for healing of your mind/body, I can’t recommend Pam highly enough.Thank you Pam for all that you are and all that you do.”

Jules Tarrant – Beyond Success Director of Coaching (Australia)


“In just one afternoon, Pam Sussman helped identify the subconscious barrier which was holding my health goals back. I felt like I had been “uncoiled” and regained a feeling of lightness, flexibility and movement which I’d not experienced for many years. I don’t know how to tell others how you do what you do Pam…I just tell ‘em it works! You rock! Thanks.”

Mick Cornish


“Hi Pam,
Thanks for this, the inspirations each day, were all really appropriate for me.
Just to say that I so enjoyed your lessons and found you really inspiring. It was fantastic to finally come across a lecturer who had a passion for parent-hood, I had found myself zealously defending my choice of motherhood!
Pam, I would love to bring my younger son to you and will be contacting you in the future.
Thanks again.”

Jo Miller 09HKPT class


“Thanks for the session it was awesome – wow, so intense!”

Kirsten Rennie


“Hi Pam,
Thanks for sending the ‘core’ points of my balance. Its terrific to be able to see them again – very affirming.
I woke up this morning earlier then usual and then started dancing…. I feel so light! I don’t know what you did but it has brought joy and laughter back – it had been in hiding for a while. As you say, great balance, for which my thanks.”

Sallie Mason
Sports Kinesiologist


“Hi Pam,
Thankyou for your information on the reading, your treatment so far has helped me greatly. Friday and Saturday were great; I actually felt normal!!
I’ve been reading my affirmations and smelling the oil you gave me, I think it helps maintain the balance.”

Mel Pamp


“Hi Pam,
Thanks again for a great session the other day and oil reading file.
I have already noticed a shift in energy within me… I noticed a different feeling in a social situation yesterday. I had a job interview and I felt relatively calm and confident all the way through it! In the past anxiety has overwhelmed my brain, and made it hard to stay calm in similar situations. Great news!
Thanks again.”

Michael Ormsby


“Hi Pam,
Thanks for the wonderful balance. I love how you work from the heart and are so supportive and encouraging. I appreciate it.

Paul Moxham
Holistic and Sports Kinesiologist.


“Hi Pam,
Thankyou so much for you balance, your wisdom and the kind words. Since I have seen you I haven’t had a headache or any low back pain. That is amazing, yeah. I continue with my affirmation and have had some really good days. Yeah, again. You have a very gentle and wise spirit and I am fortunate to have met you. Thanks again.”

Sarah Lynch


“Pam has a great ability to grasp the core of any problem, even if I may not know it. Then uses her almost magical insight to find a way forward for me and my challenge. I have seen momentous changes in friends and felt them for myself. Just being in Pam’s room makes me feel more calm, peaceful and connected to spirit. Her work is very important and very special. I would be happy to refer anyone in need of a helping hand (and who doesn’t these days) to see Pam.”

Joanne Hands


“Dear Pam
Thank you so much for an amazing balance last week. It literally changed my life.”

Natasha Erlenweim
Professional Kinesiologist and NLP Master


“Hi Pam
I enjoyed meeting with you and do feel more stable after the treatment. It’s difficult to describe because a lot of self-healing takes place at the subtler energy levels, but overall I think what I gained from the treatment was a head start towards being in balance again and to work with the emotions/blocks that present themselves during your testing. Its helped break down such a strong pattern of feeling out of touch with self and world and being so overwhelmed by the tragedies that have occurred of recent time.
Thanks so much for your time and energy.”

MG, Chatswood


“Hi Pam
Thanks so much for the balance session yesterday. I was amazed when I walked out of your room. That was a long session but it didn’t feel like it at the time. Thanks for your help and I definitely feel like I have more energy.”

Fiona Cole


“Hi Pam
Thankyou very much for helping me yesterday – the spiritual connection with heavan and earth was awesome and I am sure I will feel more ‘connected’ now which will help me make important decisions. I felt so thankful and blessed when I left so my heartfelt thanks go to you my friend once again.”

Helen Wood


“Feeling great thanks! The headache subsided and the next day felt full of energy and have been feeling very well ever since.
Thanks again!”

Christina Wright


“Hiya Pam,
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the balance on Saturday, it was such a ‘goody’!
Cheers a mill.”

Deirdre Cowan